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Thermal Cameras

The Conservation and Sustainability Commission is pleased to announce that Town of Vienna residents may now borrow thermal cameras to evaluate how well your home is insulated from the heat and cold. 

These cameras attach to smartphones and take thermal photos of walls and around doors and windows. When you use a thermal camera, you can identify hot and cold spots in your house that cannot be detected by the naked eye. Air leaks are among some of the easiest fixes in a home that can have a direct financial benefit related to energy costs. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, addressing these leaks can save homeowners $200-400 a year on energy bills. Most repairs of air leaks involve materials that are available at the local hardware store and can be done either by yourself or a handyman. When done correctly, these repairs may save more than energy costs because they also may reduce outside noise and improve indoor air quality. 

How do the cameras work? You attach the camera to your iPhone or Android device. It acts as a regular camera, but the resulting photos assign colors based on objects’ temperatures, typically with hot objects appearing as white, yellow, red, and orange and cool areas as blue or violet. These images can help homeowners determine where (heated or cooled) air is escaping from their homes. Two Android and two iPhone compatible cameras are available for checkout through the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department. To sign out a camera, call 703-255-6360.