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Public Art
Help public art take flight in Vienna
public art_taking flight.jpg
The Vienna Public Art Commission has announced its inaugural project. In honor of all community volunteers, and particularly in honor of late Mayor M. Jane Seeman, the Vienna Public Art Commission is working to bring "Taking Flight," an approximately 7-foot bronze statue created by Texas artists Seth and Missy Vandable, to a Vienna public space. More than $17,000 of the $47,000 needed to purchase and install the statue of two children atop a stack of five books has already been raised. 

You can help bring public art to Vienna by making a donation. Please complete the form that opens when you click on the link and follow these instructions:
  • Under Donation Type, select:  Other Town of Vienna Programs
  • Under Donation’s Purpose, type: public art
  • Click “proceed” and provide your secured payment information.

This donation to the Town for public art may be tax deductible; please check with your accountant.

Vienna Public Art Commission
The Vienna Public Art Commission advises and assists Town Council on matters related to advancement of public art, including development of and funding for a public art program. Members are appointed by Town Council.

The Public Art Commission generally meets at 7 p.m. the third Tuesday of each month at Town Hall.

Mayor @ Your Service: Public Art - March 27, 2017
Four public art professionals provided information about programs in their Northern Virginia communities at the March 27 Mayor @ Your Service event. Links to their presentations are provided below: