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Glyndon Street NE Drainage Improvements
The 300 block of Glyndon Street NE is an existing "shoulder and ditch" roadway with minimal drainage infrastructure. In heavy rains, stormwater flows across the street and floods into private property on the west side. The consultant will assess the existing drainage system and overland flow in the watershed, then propose solutions.

Project Details
Project budget: TBD
Project Manager: Christine Horner PE
Anticipated construction date: TBD

Glyndon Street NE Exhibit

Glyndon Street NE 60% Plans

Status Summary and Tentative Schedule
November 16, 2015 Engineering Services Contract Awarded
June 22, 2016 Drainage Study Received
July 20, 2016 Citizens Exhibit Received
February 21, 2018 30% Engineering Plans Received
October 10, 2018 60% Engineering Plans Received