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Lawyers Road & Blair Road NW Crosswalk & Flashing Beacon
As recommended by the Transportation Safety Committee, a painted crosswalk across Lawyers Road NW will be installed with a pedestrian operated flashing sign.  The Blair Road intersection is the first as southbound traffic enters Vienna.  The next, nearest Lawyers Road intersection in Town with a crosswalk is over 720' away at Upham Place NW.  The new sign will flash when the button is pushed by a pedestrian wishing to cross.

After approximately 6 months, the installation will be evaluated for any issues with the unit's operation or any unanticipated impacts on adjacent homes.

Project Details
Project Budget:  $15,000
Project Manager:  John Jay Sergent
Anticipated start date:  August 2015

Status Summary and Tentative Schedule
March 25, 2014 Citizen petition received by the TSC
July 29, 2014 TSC approved motion requesting project
September 22, 2014 Town Council approved project
July 20, 2015  Under construction
August 14, 2015  Complete