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Northside Property Yard Fuel System
Northside Property Yard Fuel Management and Dispensing System
The existing fuel pumps and dispensing equipment at the Northside Property Yard are over 20-years old and obsolete with no repair parts available.  Drivers currently record fuel usage manually with a stubby pencil on a clipboard.  Tank level must be read manually from a gauge on the top of the tank.  This project replaces the existing dispensers with units operated by key pad with vehicle number, gallons, and employee data transmitted to new software loaded on the Vehicle Maintenance Division server.  Additionally, an electronic measurement and monitoring of the fuel tank level will make reordering more efficient.

Project Details
Project Budget: $38,000
Project Manager: Craig Schlemmer
Anticipated construction date: Summer 2015
April 2, 2015 Project Advertisement
April 13, 2015 Pre Bid Meeting
April 27, 2015 Contract Award
June 29, 2015 Under Construction
July 22, 2015  Replacement of power supply conduits
August 18, 2015  Complete