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Vienna's Property and Liability Coverage
Often times homeowners try to do all they can to protect their homes from natural disasters and fires. Many take out warranties for appliances. But some property owners may not have adequate insurance protection against potential sewer or water damage, in which the utility is not legally liable.  

Virginia localities are financially responsible for private property damage only in instances in which the locality is legally liable for damages. In those cases in which the Town is liable, Vienna, like many other localities, carries property and liability coverage through a municipal liability insurance program.
In addition, the Town carries $10,000 in no-fault coverage that applies to certain situations in which the Town is not legally liable. This no-fault coverage can be used for damages during certain unfortunate instances such as a sewer or water main break. However, if damages exceed the “no-fault” amount, the Town does not pay for the additional damage.
Some homeowner and tenant insurance providers do not cover all types of property damage. Some will cover certain classes of damages if you pay for specific types of coverage. For that reason, the Town strongly suggests residents and customers of the Town’s utilities check with their insurance provider to ensure that they have purchased an adequate amount of coverage to protect their property. Anyone with questions about their property insurance may contact the Town at (703) 255-6351.