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Industrial Park (CMP)
The Industrial Park (CMP) zone is located along Follin Lane and Electric Avenue SE. Also known as the Vienna Technology Park, the district was designated in 1961 to encourage the location of the facilities that could meet the zoning regulations in a campus-like setting. The area is approximately 75 acres in size and includes some of the Town's largest employers. 

History & Zoning Regulations
The Industrial Park (CMP) zone was created in 1961 to support the economic development of the Town by providing a location for science and research facilities, along with associated administrative offices. The properties were rezoned to permit such uses, subject to a variety of performance standards. At that time, a strip of land (now known as Wildwood Park) was also dedicated for public use.

The CMP zone sets forth requirements regarding setbacks, building height and landscaping, with the intention of promoting a campus-like design. In addition, the zone provides additional protections by requiring the review of proposed site plans by the Planning Commission and Town Council. The Town has continued to evaluate transportation options in the area. Several measures, such as turning restrictions, have been implemented to facilitate traffic flow and mitigate impacts on the adjacent residential areas.

For More Information
Additional information regarding the CMP zone, local businesses and development applications can be obtained from the Department of Planning & Zoning. For more information, please call (703) 255-6341.