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Beulah Road NE - Walk to Downtown - Phase II Church Street at Beulah Road Sidewalk
In 2012, Town Council held a public hearing to consider a list of potential projects as part of the Walk to Downtown grant initiative.The initiative would complete sidewalks within the first block of side streets along Maple Avenue, Vienna's commercial corridor, in order to provide safe routes for residents to walk to businesses, restaurants, and bus stops.

After grant approval, a new sidewalk was designed and constructed in 2014 along Beulah Road NE between Maple Avenue and Church Street. In mid-2014, a three-lot subdivision was approved on Church Street near Beulah Road and, after a public hearing, Town Council extended the original sidewalk project to complete the missing section on Beulah Road NE between Church Street and Ayr Hill Avenue and to connect to the new sidewalk being built by the developer.

Project Details

Project Budget: $47,500 (design only)
Project Manager: Luis Blandon
Anticipated construction date: Complete

Beulah Road NE Walk to Downtown Plans

Status Summary and Tentative Schedule
November 5, 2012 Town Council authorized Walk to Downtown Grant Application
April 7, 2014 Town Council award of survey and design contract
September 11, 2014  On-site review with Town Arborist
September 30, 2015  Final design received 
October 30, 2015  Securing rights-of-entry agreements 
March 2016 Preparing bid
June 29, 2016 Advertise for construction bids
August 9, 2016 Bids received
September 12, 2016 Council awarded construction contract
February 2017 Under Construction
April 2017 Complete