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2013-2015 Strategic Plan
About the Plan
On August 19, 2013, the Vienna Town Council endorsed the 2013-2015 Strategic Plan.  The Plan identifies ten key performance areas developed by the Town Council that support the Town's overall Vision Statement.  The plan is an evolving document and contains major initiatives that support the key performance areas.  The initiatives contained within the plan will be completed or achieve a major benchmark within the two year time frame.  The plan will be reviewed and revised in 2015 in preparation of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.

Vision Statement
“The Town of Vienna is a safe, thriving, vibrant, diverse, multi-generational community of single family homes, town homes, apartments and many local businesses and restaurants that are supported by residents and our neighboring communities.  Vienna is an easy place to get around by foot or on bike with convenient access to amenities, businesses and services.  Vienna has a strong sense of history and tradition, and is a place residents are proud to call home and enjoy many community events.  Vienna citizens are involved in schools, community organizations, sports and Town government.  The Town has many beautiful parks and trails, and supports environmental stewardship.  The Town government both leads and reflects the public’s interest in building the community by being efficient, financially sound and service oriented.   Strong communication, trust and respect exist among citizens, local officials, Town staff and businesses.”

Mission Statement
“To provide our community with exceptional services that promote a safe and healthy environment rooted in tradition, while supporting a greater quality of life.”

View the full document. (PDF)

Key Performance Areas
1 Independence.jpgSince the establishment of the Town in 1890, the people of Vienna have been connected by their sense of community through an independent well-run government. We aim to continue to provide the high quality service that residents have grown to expect from the governmental processes in their hometown.

Safe Community
2 Safe Community.jpgWe have a reputation for being one of the safest communities in the region thanks to the cooperation between the police department, citizens and business community.  We aim to continue to provide a responsive, friendly, engaging, high-visibility public safety presence.

Invest in Infrastructure
3 Invest in Infrastructure 3.jpgWe aim to continue to invest in our infrastructure, and as a result make the town safer, healthier and more attractive for citizens to live and work. 

Economic Development
4 Economic Development2.jpgWe strive to continue to be an attractive community for high quality commercial development and one that fosters community focused businesses.

Financially Sound Town Government
5 Financially Sound Government 2.jpgWe set a high standard for fiscal responsibility and in order for the Town to operate efficiently, a continued maximization and safeguarding of financial resources is required to maintain its fiscally sound reputation.

Parks, Open Space and Recreation
6 Parks and Open Space.jpgWe value our many natural and man-made park and recreation spaces within our boundaries.  These spaces provide an opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and participate in environmental conservation, ultimately increasing the quality of life for residents and instilling a sense of community.

Land Use Planning
7 Land Use Planning.jpgVienna has developed over time at different rates, and in the coming years many neighboring developments will impact how we do business. A proactive, unified plan to create our unique identity will be helpful for future growth and direction of the Town.

Civil, Respectful and Open Communication
8 Communication 2.jpgVienna is a small town located in a large metropolitan region with a very active community and accessible local government. We value open two-way communication and encourage an environment that supports civil and respectful communication.

Active and Engaged Residents
9 Active Residents 2.jpgWe encourage our residents to be active and engaged in our local government and in the community in order to maintain and enhance our vibrant and community-centered town.

Professional Town Staff
10 Professional Town Staff 3.jpgIn order to continue to provide the professional service that Town Staff delivers, we aim to invest in staff through training and development programs in order to increase staff competency, effective program administration and assuring high quality of public services.