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Ayito Road SE sidewalk
The existing asphalt walkway along the north side of Ayito Road SE, between Glyndon Street and Kerge Court SE, is difficult to maneuver. The existing roadway is narrow and sloped so all the rainwater from the hillside sheet-flows across the street. A petition of support signed by most homeowners on both sides of the street has been received by the mayor.The project is listed as Category 4 on the Pedestrian Task Force List.

Project Details
Project budget: $300,000
Project Manager: Michael Gallagher, PE
Construction Manager:  Luis Blandon
Anticipated construction date: Summer 2015

Ayito Road 100% Plan

Status Summary and Tentative Schedule
September 23, 2013  Design Contract Awarded to Urban Engineering Assoc.
August 11, 2014  60% design plans sent to residents for review
March 26, 2015  Final plans & right of entry agreement sent to residents
June 8, 2015 Construction plans out for bid
July 6, 2015  Council award of construction contract
July 21, 2015  Contractor preconstruction meeting
August 12, 2015  Construction started
October 9, 2015  Complete pending landscaping 
November 13, 2015  Complete