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Important TSC Documents
Citizen's Guide to Traffic Calming in Vienna
This guide provides a simplified explanation of the procedures by which citizens can request the implementation and evaluation of traffic-calming measures in their neighborhoods. Traffic calming measures will be considered on new streets and/or when existing streets are considered for major reconstruction or repair. Revised as of April 2011.

Fire and Rescue Response Routes
The Vienna Transportation Safety Commission, in consultation with the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department, has created a map labeled Town of Vienna Emergency Routes.

Summary Reports on Quadrant Hearings
This is the 2010 Quadrant-by-Quadrant Citizen Input Summary Report. It has been posted for public review and input.

Traffic Accident Summary
This is a list of accidents from 2005-2010. A Top-32 list of the locations with the highest number of accidents is included.

Traffic Calming Study
The final (June 2008) report of a town-wide traffic-calming study is now available.
The firm of ATCS, P.L.C., was contracted by the Town Council to conduct the study, which was to address key locations in town, including those that already have traffic-calming measures in place, focusing on residential streets. The study assesses cut-through traffic and speeding in residential areas. The report will be on a future Town Council agenda for consideration.