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When am I required to get a building permit?
The Town of Vienna requires home owners, renters, business owners and tenants to obtain a building permit whenever they wish to make improvements to their property. A permit is required before any of the following improvements may commence:

1. Constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, or demolishing any part of a building or structure. This includes but is not limited to installation of new siding, erection of a storage shed or other accessory structure, finishing a basement, and construction of new facilities such as retaining walls, fences, hot tubs, pools, driveways, satellite antennas, and building additions.

2. Changing the use of a building either within the same use group or to a different use group when the new user requires more structural strength, fire protection, exits, or sanitary provisions.

3. Removing or disturbing any abestos-containing materials.

4. Additions, alterations, replacement, or relocation of any plumbing, mechanical, or electrical systems.Fairfax County Building Permit Application

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