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What is the ‘excess use’ charge on my bill?
Because of its name, people often think the excess use charge on their bill is a penalty. In reality, that is not true.

Out of Town Customers

Your sewer is capped at your winter quarter average during the excess use period. You are charged an ‘excess use’ charge during the summer months on water used over your Winter Quarter average. However, this is still cheaper for you because sewer costs $6.01 per thousand gallons and ‘excess use’ costs $2.15 per thousand gallons

*The equation used for Excess use for all customers is:

If your average is greater than 21
[consumption – (average + 6)] x $2.15

If your average is less than 21
[consumption – (1.3 x average) x $2.15

Finance-Water and Sewer

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