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Public Works 

127 Center St. S
Vienna, VA 22180



Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Name Title Email Phone
Gallagher, Michael P.E. Director 703-255-6380
Donahue, David P.E. Deputy Director 703-319-8610
Armstrong, Rozia Meter Supervisor 703-319-8611
Blandon, Luis Water & Sewer Superintendent 703-319-8601
Charles, Chad General Maintenance Supervisor 703-319-8602
Ervin, Alsinia 7032555723
Goodman, Emily Construction Inspector 703-255-6384
Horner, Christine P. E. Water Quality Engineer 703-319-8630
Jinks P. E., Andrew Transportation Engineer 703-255-6381
Kirby, James Street Maintenance Supervisor 703-319-8607
Palmer, Mary-Beth Fleet Maintenance Coordinator 703-319-8617
Pruitt, Katrina Public Works Assistant 703-255-6383
Schlemmer, Craig Vehicle Maintenance Superintendent 703-319-8616
Sergent, John Jay Engineer 703-255-6387
Sigler, Jennifer Administrative Assistant II 703-255-6382
Stephens, David Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 703-319-8619
Torre, Frank Water & Sewer Supervisor 703-319-8600
Tufano, Jeff General Maintenance Supervisor 703-319-8606
Walker, Wayne Sanitation Supervisor 703-319-8602
Wooden, Jonathan Operations Superintendent 703-319-8604