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Police Department 

215 Center St. S.
Vienna, VA 22180

Non-Emergency: 703-255-6366


In case of emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day

Name Title Email Phone
Morris, J.A. Chief 703-255-6390
Janickey, D.P. Deputy Chief 703-255-6397
Barker, J. A. Dispatcher II 703-255-7849
Barker, J.F. Animal Control Officer II 703-255-6377
Barker, T. L. Dispatcher II 703-255-7800
Bailey, D. P. MPO 703-255-7819
Borja, M. C. Detective 703-255-7828
Dinges, J. A. Administrative Assistant II 703-255-6391
Elias, P. A. Sergeant 703-255-7813
Elias, T. L. Detective 703-255-6395
Evans, J. B. MPO 703-255-7825
Farhan, T. Lieutenant 703-255-7807
Finelli, M. J. MPO 703-255-7831
Gucwa, M.P. OFC 703-255-7812
Farr, T.D. OFC 703-255-7844
Hall, E. M. MPO 703-255-7817
Hernandez, A. C. Dispatcher II 703-255-7838
Hylinski, G.T. Detective 703-255-7855
Johnson, M. G. Dispatcher II 703-255-7803
Juelharte, P. A. Sergeant 703-255-7820
Kiley, P. J. Sergeant 703-255-7836
Khan, Janelle Admistrative Assistant 703-255-6395
Leroux, S. R. Detective 703-255-6332
Longerbeam, C.A. OFC 703-255-7811
Lose, G.R. MPO 703-255-6396
Lyons, M. R. MPO 703-255-7847
McElhattan, D.E. OFC 703-255-7827
Mangan, L. C. MPO 703-255-7810
Murray, A.J. OFC 703-255-7816
Rohr, R. E. Communications and Records Coordinator 703-255-7809
Ruddy, K. G. Sergeant 703-255-7805
Shaver, C. W. MPO 703-255-7814
Shaw, N. P. MPO 703-255-7830
Sheeran, J. K. Sergeant 703-255-7826
Simon, S. R. Detective 703-255-7802
Smith, K. C. MPO 703-255-7839
Sylmar, A. E. Lieutenant 703-255-7834
Sterling, J.G. PFC 703-255-7833
Taylor, T. M. Lieutenant 703-255-7835
Tracy, C.J. Sergeant 703-255-7818
Tremont, B.C. MPO 703-255-7806
Vazquez, J. C. MPO 703-255-7845
Wampler, D.A Dispatcher II 703-255-7832
Williams, G.A. PFC 703-255-7815