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Posted on: February 13, 2020

Town to host March 2 'community conversation'

The Town of Vienna will host a “community conversation” next month to allow residents to provide feedback on two initiatives:

  • a proposal to increase outdoor living space
  • recommended short- and mid-term project priorities from the recent Maple Avenue Corridor Multimodal Transportation and Land Use Study.

This “community conversation” will take place from 7-9 pm Monday, March 2, at Town Hall. Residents will have an opportunity to ask questions related to these topics, provide feedback, and engage in interactive exercises that will indicate preferences.

Over the past year, Councilmember Nisha Patel has heard from numerous residents who have expressed a desire for modification of the Town code to allow for additional outdoor living space. She and other Councilmembers want to know what the community thinks: Is it a good idea to allow for outdoor living space and other amenities in exchange for implementation of a current stormwater management system on their property?

The current Town code states that not more than 25% of a lot shall be covered by buildings, accessory buildings, automobile parking spaces and access, sport courts, tennis courts, patios, and terraces. Decks are regulated separately and may not cover more than 5% of the total area.

The proposal put forward by Patel would allow for driveway expansion, decks, patios, outdoor sports courts, terraces, screened porches not enclosed by four walls, lead walks, and pools. These amenities, classified as outdoor living space and improvements, would be permitted as long as stormwater management systems are implemented, functional, and in compliance with current required standards.

“What we’d like hear on March 2 are residents’ thoughts about the pros and cons of this idea,” Patel says. “We’re looking for feedback on ways this concept could be modified. Help us figure out the right thing to do.”

The draft final report of the Maple Avenue Multimodal Transportation Study outlines recommended projects, including an initiative currently underway to upgrade signal timing infrastructure and technology. Councilmembers want to know how the community would prioritize other recommended projects.

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