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Mar 29

Celebrating Joy of Service in Vienna

Posted on March 29, 2012 at 4:18 PM by Kirstyn Barr

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” -1913 Nobel Laureate, Tagore

I share this quote with you, as I believe the most fundamental element that differentiates Vienna from other communities in our area are the many great examples of the joy found in service. Join us at this month's "Vienna at your Service," as we cheerfully honor some of our citizen volunteers at a reception. This event is a magnificent tradition here in Vienna.

Just as spring is in full blossom, let it be a catalyst for you to awaken, too. Show YOUR true colors: Get involved and enjoy your fellow citizens in a favorite activity. If you have not been involved, you would be amazed how rewarding participating in the community can be. Everyone indeed has something positive to share.

Why volunteer? The old adage is still true: "Many hands make light work." If everyone could provide a small investment in their time, treasure or talent, imagine the many gifts that could be harvested. Here are just some of the benefits:
  • Emotional Reward: satisfaction and pride come from helping others.
  • Strength: when a community is doing well as a whole, its individuals are better off, too.
  • Learning: with every new experience or responsibility, comes new knowledge. 
  • Tolerance: cooperate with people of different backgrounds, abilities, ethnicities, ages, education and income levels toward a common goal. 
  • Appreciation: helping others or supporting causes that make a positive impact, reveals all the remarkable things in our own life.
  • Positive Impact: A wonderful, empowering message is that YOU ARE important enough to have an impact and YOU CAN make a difference.
So, what can I do? Vienna is rich with opportunities. Here are just a few examples: look, listen, act, read, support, inform (and be informed), meet, greet, share, beautify, smile, teach, recycle, vote, clean, attend a meeting, participate in a Town event, project, service organization, department, Committee or Board.

If you are already involved, Thanks! You may even consider expanding what you do. Anyone can make a positive change: identify something you enjoy in the community to fulfill a need. The future of the Town of Vienna starts with!

Carey J. Sienicki
Vienna Town Council Member