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Nov 08

Trees in Vienna

Posted on November 8, 2018 at 10:37 AM by Lynne Coan

Fall is a great time to think of trees. Their color is impressive. I especially enjoy seeing children playing in the raked piles as they transition themselves to winter. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who could go to a Tree Forum co-hosted by Fairfax County (Hunter Mill District, Tree Commission, DPWES, NVS&WCD), Town of Vienna (Arborists, Community Enhancement Commission), Dominion Energy, Virginia Department of Forestry, and Plant NOVA Natives.

Here are five takeaways along with some resources

Plant Natives, as these support our young bird, bat and amphibian population, who rely on insects. We especially don’t want mother birds needing to fly extra distances to find food for their young. Oaks are the best.

best practices for planting trees, minimize pesticide use in yards, and make sure there are no new invasive pest infestations. (Ash Borer, Asian Longhorn, and Spotted Lanternfly, Oh My!)

Be careful of easements and overhead lines
and call Dominion Energy if there are any issues with existing trees. Carefully choose only line-certified arborists if within a 10-foot zone!

Suburb-dwellers are the ones who can best save the planet
 by making small changes to improve stormwater runoff. You can even get a grant for improvements (like a rain garden) in your own yard!

The Town of Vienna has gone to ‘native’ planting.
Arborists can help assess and consult regarding your in-Town trees. You can further share your love by donating for extra trees all around Vienna!

Vienna has been a Tree City USA for more than 15 years. With everyone's help, we can all enjoy trees for generations, especially for their beauty, temperature regulation, economic, and health (mental and physical) benefits.