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Aug 04

VYP is Community

Posted on August 4, 2015 at 8:38 AM by Stephanie Baynes

The Vienna Theater Company became its own entity in 1993.  Over the past two summers, the Vienna Theater Company produced Kids Night Out and Snoopy which brought children into their casts for the first time.  VTC was directed by Norm Chaudet and Barbara (Babs) Dyer was the Musical Director.  With Norm no longer available, and the adult company not interested in youth productions, Babs was asked to continue youth theater in the summer slot.

Every summer since 1993 VYP has produced a show.  At the beginning of June, eleven to eighteen-year-olds audition by singing a Broadway song, reading script and doing a short dance that they learn on the spot.  Babs does not ask them to audition for a specific role.  Instead, she takes a few days to assign the best part for each actor chosen to be in the musical.  Every year, she casts the show as if that role were meant for the young performer.  Many of the actors are from Vienna, but some convene from surrounding areas to join in the experience.  Many former VYP actors who have aged out return for the summer in another capacity to help with light, sound, costumes, choreography, or sometimes just to say hello.  The cast and crew get closer to one another as the summer progresses. By the end, they are like family.  This is the community of Vienna.

Linda Colbert,
Town Councilmember