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Jul 06

Bond Sale Is About More Than the Money

Posted on July 6, 2012 at 1:19 PM by Kirstyn Barr

The Council held a rare midday meeting on June 26. We convened at noon to award the sale of the 2012 Town Bond Issue. The meeting was a success on several levels: the bonds were sold at an excellent rate for the Town; Vienna’s triple-A bond rating was affirmed; and the Council acted as a legislative body ideally should—representing its citizens’ interests, providing leadership in guiding the Town’s future, and accepting compromise as an essential part of governing.

Bond issues are a big deal. They commit the Town’s “full faith and credit” to repaying the money we are borrowing for capital projects, so we want to be sure we are borrowing for worthwhile reasons, and only to the extent necessary. And the projects we choose to fund with bond money make a statement about our priorities and vision for Vienna.

The list of projects our 2012 Bond Issue will fund is available on the Town’s website. Formulating the list is where the representation, leadership and compromise come in to play. There are many things on the list I strongly support, like updating our police station and expanding our sidewalk network. There are other projects that are not glamorous, but good stewardship of the Town’s resources requires that they must be done. Some items that are not my top priorities are important to other Council members. Through a series of work sessions and meetings, we discuss the list, listen to citizens and Town staff, advocate for our positions, make adjustments—and then we move ahead. We agree to do the best we can for the citizens who elect us and the community we serve. The measure of our success is the continued vitality of our Town.

Laurie Genevro Cole
Vienna Town Councilmember