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Nov 08

Trees in Vienna

Posted on November 8, 2018 at 10:37 AM by Lynne Coan

Fall is a great time to think of trees. Their color is impressive. I especially enjoy seeing children playing in the raked piles as they transition themselves to winter. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who could go to a Tree Forum co-hosted by Fairfax County (Hunter Mill District, Tree Commission, DPWES, NVS&WCD), Town of Vienna (Arborists, Community Enhancement Commission), Dominion Energy, Virginia Department of Forestry, and Plant NOVA Natives.

Here are five takeaways along with some resources

Plant Natives, as these support our young bird, bat and amphibian population, who rely on insects. We especially don’t want mother birds needing to fly extra distances to find food for their young. Oaks are the best.

best practices for planting trees, minimize pesticide use in yards, and make sure there are no new invasive pest infestations. (Ash Borer, Asian Longhorn, and Spotted Lanternfly, Oh My!)

Be careful of easements and overhead lines
and call Dominion Energy if there are any issues with existing trees. Carefully choose only line-certified arborists if within a 10-foot zone!

Suburb-dwellers are the ones who can best save the planet
 by making small changes to improve stormwater runoff. You can even get a grant for improvements (like a rain garden) in your own yard!

The Town of Vienna has gone to ‘native’ planting.
Arborists can help assess and consult regarding your in-Town trees. You can further share your love by donating for extra trees all around Vienna!

Vienna has been a Tree City USA for more than 15 years. With everyone's help, we can all enjoy trees for generations, especially for their beauty, temperature regulation, economic, and health (mental and physical) benefits.

Sep 18

Welcoming new businesses to Vienna

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 11:06 AM by Lynne Coan

People often ask me if Vienna is attracting new businesses. The answer is a resounding yes! We have added nine new businesses over the last three months alone, ranging from a running store to an independent bookstore to a spiritual growth center to a frozen custard shop. The Town is welcoming a broad range of interesting new businesses.

How do we support new businesses? The Town Business Liaison Committee (TBLC) is charged with evaluating Town policies that affect the business community and offering recommendations to Council. The TBLC creates surveys, performs studies, and considers ways to promote Town businesses. Both commercial and residential interests are represented in the committee’s membership.

One of my favorite things to do as mayor is perform ribbon cuttings for new businesses or businesses that have moved their location. Since the end of August, the TBLC has performed almost two ribbon cuttings per week!

Ribbon cuttings are a great way for businesses to get their name out in the community. The business space and merchandise or services are open to the public, and food and drinks are often provided.  In addition to staff, family, and friends of the business, TBLC members, Vienna Business Association members, Council members, Town staff, and residents join in the ribbon-cutting festivities. For business owners and staff, the ceremony is an opportunity to meet people who are potential customers and will help support their business.

I am excited to have so many new businesses open in the Town of Vienna. Many of them are local, small-business owners, and I enjoy welcoming them to the Vienna community. I also enjoy hearing their stories about why they decided to start a business in Town.

A vibrant business district is essential to a healthy and prosperous community. If you get an opportunity, join us for a ribbon cutting. It is a fun way to get to know new businesses in Town! To find out when ribbon cuttings are being held, visit and remember to shop local!

Mayor Laurie DiRocco

Nov 02

Pondering pedestrian accessibility and thinking about transportation

Posted on November 2, 2016 at 4:44 PM by Lynne Coan

One of Vienna’s long-term goals is to improve pedestrian access and safety. The Town is working toward this goal by installing sidewalks, adding traffic-calming measures where appropriate, finding creative solutions to challenging intersections, and educating pedestrians about the importance of making eye contact with drivers when crossing intersections.

Consider these recently completed or ongoing Town initiatives:

  • The Town installed its first mini-roundabout this fall to alleviate traffic along Locust Street and the commercial area of Park Street.
  • Last year, the Town installed its first HAWK signal to provide a pedestrian-activated, traffic-stopping crossing on Maple Avenue.
  • The Town’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC), Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC), and Transportation Safety Commission (TSC) are working to create a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan for Vienna.
  • The Town is starting to work with a consultant who will use new methods of gathering transportation data to better determine how people move around the community, which will help the Town further improve pedestrian access and more effectively address other transportation issues.

The majority of traffic on Maple Avenue is regional commuter traffic to and from Tysons. One of the challenges with this cut-through traffic is that it often leads people to think: “We can’t allow commercial improvements because it might lead to more traffic.” I have to believe that citizens want successful businesses along our main commercial corridors and don’t want to see dilapidated properties that diminish our tax base and vibrancy of our commercial districts. I think we can find solutions to improve pedestrian access so that we don’t give up on the Town’s commercial areas and allow cut-through traffic to deter positive redevelopment along Maple Avenue and Church Street. 

Mayor Laurie DiRocco