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Aug 08

All-season gatherings on the Town Green

Posted on August 8, 2016 at 9:43 AM by Lynne DeWilde

The Vienna Town Green was dedicated in May 2007. Since then, it has served as a gathering place for people of all ages. Two years ago, a roof was added to the stage.  The cost was split between the Town and Vienna Rotary. Rotarian Tom Kyllo provided his architectural services, and Tommy Staats provided his building services. The roof has made the acoustics even better, and it has enabled musicians to keep their instruments and themselves dry and in the shade. 

Concerts and events on the Green have been a huge success. Bands vary from national to local and from folk to rock. Families can enjoy a concert while their children dance and play. Wednesdays have been dedicated to children’s activities, Tuesdays to yoga, and some Saturdays to teens.

There are two Friday concerts left this summer. The award-winning, multi-genre Richard Walton Group performs August 12 and one of our local favorites, NRJ, plays August 19. 

At the beginning of the summer in June, the Town Green was abuzz with excitement for the hugely popular Chillin’ on Church.  Look forward to enjoying the end of summer on September 16 with friends and families on the Town Green at another Chillin’ on Church event.  

Looking forward to the fall, the Green will provide a nice reprieve to have a picnic, meet a friend, or borrow a book from the M. Jane Seeman Little Library. In winter months, the trees will be lit, and it will be a lovely time to walk through the Green, sing carols, or enjoy the Holiday Stroll. 

Linda Colbert
Town Councilmember

Jun 14

Assessing our past and present and planning for our future

Posted on June 14, 2016 at 11:25 AM by Lynne DeWilde

Every five years, the Town is tasked by the Commonwealth to review its Comprehensive Plan. After the most recent review and public comment, I now have a better appreciation of its significance. The black-and-white 2010 document had been regularly updated since the last major re-working in the 1990s. Recently, under direction of the Planning and Zoning director and staff, the document has been reinvigorated with supplemental work thanks to Town boards and commissions – most notably, the Planning Commission. Now it contains an additional 100 pages with interesting photos, easy-to-interpret graphs, and information that outlines our past, presents the current, and projects the future of Vienna.  I would encourage you to take a look to discover some interesting facts relevant to you about your Town.

During the decades of the 1950s and 1960s, incredibly the Town grew in population from 2,000 to 17,000 persons, mainly through annexation and new growth. We are still enjoying the visions of that growth. We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of many of those cherished additions, such as Vienna Shopping Center and the Vienna Community Center, which are receiving new looks and offerings, but still provide the same support to our community. This newest Comprehensive Plan document includes opportunities of the Maple Avenue Vision and inclusion of planning that will create new opportunities for all ages along our main street to revitalize our vehicular-focused, mid-century, modern, suburban commercial offerings into a more sustainable, walkable, mixed-use environment.

Looking forward, there are plans for a public charrette regarding our central business district, to be led by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC), as well as parks master plans, as budgeted in the next fiscal year. We hope to see you all there in order to give input that will take our Town into the next 50 years.

Carey Sienicki

Town Councilmember

Sep 28

AAA Bond Rating Reaffirmed

Posted on September 28, 2015 at 11:04 AM by Stephanie Baynes

The Town of Vienna recently had its AAA bond rating reaffirmed by Standard and Poor’s Financial Services. Moody’s Investor Service awarded the Town their AAA bond rating last summer. Why is this important? First, it allows the Town to issue bonds at the lowest possible interest rate, reducing the Town’s cost of capital. Second, the Town’s bonds are attractive to a large number of investors because they are considered a low-risk investment. Lastly, it states that the Town’s capacity to meet its financial commitments is extremely strong. The Town maintains a certain amount of funds in reserves to accommodate unforeseen expenses and emergency situations. 

The Town issues debt every two years to fund capital improvement projects. The Town regularly invests in roads, sidewalks, facilities, water and sewer lines, and large infrastructure projects. Currently, the Town is using the majority of the 2014 and 2016 bonds to fund the renovation and expansion of the Community Center. The Town repays its debt with proceeds from its meals and lodging tax. At least twice a year, the Town reviews its capital improvements plan by considering all the Town’s infrastructure needs over the next 30 years. There are always more capital needs than can be funded in any given bond issue. Therefore, the Town prioritizes its projects and utilizes state and federal grants to the extent possible to subsidize some of the projects. 

Financial planning is important for the long-term viability of the Town and ensures Vienna’s financial strength for years to come!

Laurie A. DiRocco