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Clearing Sidewalks, Hydrants and Water Meters
Residents who are physically able are asked to shovel sidewalks adjacent to their property for the safety of pedestrians, especially schoolchildren.

Vienna area teens are available to shovel snow through the Vienna Parks and Recreation Department's Job Bank.  The teen and the person requesting the work decide on the amount paid for the service.  Call (703) 255-6360 to be matched with a young worker.

Town businesses that hire snowplows to clear their parking lots must ensure that snow from the parking lot is not piled on adjoining sidewalks or pushed into the streets.  This creates a serious hazard for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Hydrants and Water Meters
Residents who are physically able are asked to assist the Water and Sewer Division in clearing ice and snow from fire hydrants near their homes.  In case of an emergency, firefighters will be able to respond quicker if the hydrants are accessible.

During winter eather, please keep water meter enclosures clear of snow and ice.  If the meter cannot be read due to obstruction from snow or ice, an estimated water bill will be rendered.