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Primary and Secondary Streets
Primary streets include those streets which are major arteries connecting Vienna to the surrounding areas and snow emergency routes.  Primary streets receive top priority in snow removal efforts.

The following streets are designated as primary streets in the Town of Vienna:

  • Beulah Road NE
  • Branch Road SE
  • Center Street North & South
  • Cherry Street SE (Center to Park)
  • Church Street NE & NW
  • Cottage Street SW
  • Courthouse Road SW
  • Creek Crossing Road NE
  • Electric Avenue SE
  • Follin Lane SE
  • Kingsley Road SW (Nutley to Cottage)
  • Lawyers Road NW
  • Locust Street SE (Branch to Park)
  • Malcolm Road NW
  • Maple Avenue East & West
  • Marshall Road SW
  • Nutley Street NW & SW (Marshall to Malcolm)
  • Old Courthouse Road NW
  • Park Street SE (Maple to Fardale)
  • Tapawingo Road SE & SW (Park to Nutley)

Secondary streets include all remaining local streets and cul-de-sacs.  Secondary streets are treated after all primary streets have been addressed and remain passable to vehicular traffic.  In some cases, snow removal crews must return to the primary streets to ensure that those streets remain passable to vehicular traffic.  When this happens, snow removal crews always return to the secondary street route they were clearing as soon as possible.