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Vienna Police Notifications
Important Things to Know Before Registering at the Self-Registration Portal
When accessing the self-registration website, please make sure to turn all script blocking and pop-up blockers off for the site. 

Accessing Via Mobile Phone
Certain browsers may have difficulty with the site, in particular if you are accessing the site from a smart phone. In that case you may need to use a desktop or laptop PC connected to the Internet to register. 

Opting to Receive SMS Text Alerts
When opting to receive SMS text alerts to your phone, please be aware that, by law, we cannot enroll you directly from the web page. When you select to receive SMS alerts a pop-up box will come up with a message such as: To sign up for text alerts, you must text Join VIENNASMS now to 34292. Once you receive a text message with a validation code, click OK.

You must send the join text while the pop-up window is on your screen, and then once you receive the confirmation text on your phone with a validation code, you can proceed to complete the registration. If you don't, the SMS registration will fail, although you will still receive alerts for any other methods you have indicated. Please note that internet traffic or the way your phone provider processes SMS messages may delay receiving the validation code for up to 10 minutes or longer at times. If you hit OK before the validation comes, you will get a message indicating the SMS registration did not succeed (just for the SMS option - the rest of the registration information will still be recorded properly). You can come back later (please wait 24 hours for the records to update) and modify your account to re-add the SMS option if it fails during your initial registration. 

Unlisted Phone Numbers
We do not populate unlisted numbers within the Vienna Community Alert system. If you have an unlisted phone, cell phone or cable / VOIP phone and would like to receive very important or emergency alerts, you will need to include your phone number you wish to be called on when you register. Again, none of your contact information will ever be released to third parties. 

Updates to Your Account
When you initially register or make changes to your account, it may take up to 24 hours for the information to be updated.

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For More Information
If you have any technical problems or issues with completing the self-registration page, please contact Charles Ghent at (703) 255-5751 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST or email Notification Registration.