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Leaf Collection
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2015-2016 Leaf Collection Program
Fall leaf collection will begin in Vienna in late October and will continue through December. As in previous years, town crews will make a total of three passes (beginning in north Vienna and moving to south Vienna at the start of each pass) during the leaf collection period. All residents are asked to rake their leaves to the curb at any point between late October and December 31, 2015 for collection. Leaf piles should be free of limbs, sticks, acorns or other debris which may clog the vacuum hose.

In an effort to keep residents informed, and to provide flexibility for weather delays, signs will be placed at entrances to neighborhoods advising of the projected date that the leaf vacuum truck will be in the area. Additionally, a Leaf Collection Map is updated daily showing the locations of the crews. If you have difficulty seeing the dates and colored lines on the map, please try a different browser.

Town residents also have the option to bag leaves for collection on your regular weekly collection day. Please place leaves in clear plastic bags or paper yard waste bags available at garden and home supply stores. In accordance with anti-pollution laws, the burning of leaves is prohibited. For more information about leaf collection, call the Town of Vienna Department of Public Works at (703) 255-6380.

Don't Rake Leaves Into the Street
Please remember that it can be dangerous to rake leaves into the street. Cars parked on leaf piles may catch on fire, and children playing in the leaves may be struck by a passing vehicle. In addition, leaves may prevent rainwater from reaching storm drain inlets. Rake leaves just to the curbside - not into the street.