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Leaf Collection
2013-2014 Leaf Collection Program
No matter where you live in Town, this fall you will be able to rake your leaves to the curb at any point between October 28 and December 31.  As leaves begin to fall and accumulate, Town crews will begin collecting leaves starting in north Vienna.  Once the northern part of Town is completed, crews will begin collections in south Vienna.  In total, three leaf collections will be performed throughout Town from November 2013 through January 2014, weather permitting.  As in previous years, collection crews will only pass your house once during each of the three collections.  Signs will be posted prior to crews arriving on your street.

Removal of Leaves

Large-scale leaf removal is carried out each year by the Public Works Department. Beginning in late fall, leaf-loaders vacuum up piles of leaves that residents have raked to the curbside. Note: In accordance with anti-pollution laws, the burning of leaves is prohibited.

Please be sure to remove any branches, sticks or other large debris from the leaf piles to assist the vacuum crews.  Leaves should be loose on the curbside for leaf vacuuming, not bagged.  Leaves placed in clear plastic bags are picked up by the sanitation crews throughout the year (see Trash Regulations) and taken to a separate mulching facility.

Don't Rake Leaves Into the Street
Please remember that it can be dangerous to rake leaves into the street. Cars parked on leaf piles may catch on fire, and children playing in the leaves may be struck by a passing vehicle. In addition, leaves may prevent rainwater from reaching storm drain inlets. Rake leaves just to the curbside - not into the street.

Additional Details
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (703) 255-6380.