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Public Works
Sewer Update
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson, P.E.
Public Works Director

127 Center St. S.
Vienna, VA  22180

Ph: (703) 255-6380
Fx: (703) 255-5722

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

The weekend of September 27-28, an odor in Piney Branch Creek was reported to the Town.  The initial investigation found no obvious source.  Further research located a sewer blockage about three-quarters of a mile upstream, resulting in sewage from the sanitary sewer flowing into the storm sewer.  Water from the storm sewer then flows into Piney Branch Creek.  

Town staff unplugged the sanitary sewer pipe, began flushing fresh water from a hydrant to help dissipate the smell, and called a contractor to permanently disconnect the sanitary sewer pipe.  At the same time, as required by law, staff contacted the Fairfax County Department of Health and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.  Both organizations determined that due to the small nature of the spill and limited duration, and since only liquid entered the creek, no further action or communication with residents was necessary.  These departments have the regulatory authority to require signage, public notice, physical barriers and other actions when necessary.  

Residents should be aware that, at any time, pet waste, fertilizer, debris and other possible contaminants could be in any body of water.

Services provided by the Department of Public Works include:

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to maintain infrastructure and provide citizens with a safe, attractive and healthy Town in which to live and work.

Public Works Tid Bits

  • All 65 miles of roadways within the Town of Vienna corporate boundary are maintained by Public Works.
  • Roughly 73 miles of public sidewalks are maintained by Public Works.
  • 131 miles of water distribution piping, around 2,000 water valves and 850 fire hydrants are maintained by Public Works.
  • Public Works maintains 84 miles of sanitary sewer mains and around 2,000 manholes.
  • There are 231 decorative acorn streetlights and 895 regular streetlights within the Town of Vienna.